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The Marshall Islands Yacht Registry has gained increased recognition throughout the yachting community as a result of its very efficient registration process, which includes a yacht owner’s ability to register a private yacht under either a one-year or three-year program. If you have a vessel that is above 12 meters in length and less then 20 years old, the Marshall islands yacht registration might be the perfect solution for you. One big advantage of registering in the Marshall islands is that normally a vessel will NOT need a survey done if it is for private use.

If you are planning to use your yacht in US waters the big advantage of a Marshall islands flagged boat is that you can apply for a US cruising permit which means you do not have to check in at every port but rather cruise around the US for several years.

The Marshall Islands Registry is ranked as the third largest open registry in the world and private/commercial yachts comprise 24% of the Marshall Islands fleet in terms of vessel count. The Marshall Islands boat registry has offices in most major maritime cities around the world and thus the Marshall Islands is able to provide same-day service to the yachting community, regardless of location and time zone.

  • White listed with good reputation
  • No tax on profits from the operation
  • Available for all yachts over 12 M
  • Around the clock maritime support
  • Maritime offices around the world
  • Mortgage protection for lenders
  • Types of vessels that may be registered under the RMI flag include: tankers, cargo ships, containerships, passenger vessels, MODUs, tugs, yachts, fishing vessels and other ocean-going vessels
  • Vessels should be under 20 years of age at time of registration. A waiver of the age requirement may be granted depending upon a satisfactory evaluation of the condition, seaworthiness and usage of the vessel
  • Ownership must be in the name of a company that can be registered almost anywhere in the world or a RMI National, Corporation, General Partnership, Limited Partnership (LP), Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Foreign Maritime Entity (FME) qualified in the RMI
Who can register their boat in the Marshall Islands?

Any nationality can register their boat in the Marshall Islands. Ownership of an RMI registered yacht can be either through a Marshall Islands company or thru a foreign company that already exists or we can setup a new one for you for a nominal fee of $300,-. We would setup the new entity for you in either the UK (LTD) or in Delaware, USA (LLC). This company is simply to hold the ownership of your vessel and is therefore not liable for any taxes.

What are the cost to register in the Marshall Islands?
The total setup fees to register are $1650,- USD if you have an existing company that owns your vessel. If you need a new company to be setup in order to own your vessel, we can do this for a fee of $300. In addition, we handle the complete registration of your vessel in the Marshall Islands for a flat service fee of $350,- USD. Our fee includes everything and will sabe you a lot of time and effort.

Breakdown of cost of a private vessel less than 24 meters in length:
  • Registration Fee (includes Permanent Certificate of Registry) US $550,-
  • Tonnage Tax US $750,-
  • Our service fee US $350,-

OPTIONAL: If you need a Company to be setup for the ownership of your yacht, we can do this for a fee of $300,-

What paperwork is needed to register a private yacht under RMI flag?
1. Original Application for Registration, duly acknowledged or notarized (MI-101U)a copy is acceptable for registration with original to follow. Copy must be kept onboard.
2. Original or Certified True Copy of Power of Attorney or Corporate Resolutions: Authority of Agent/Officer.
3. Copy of Third Liability Insurance.
4. Copy of Bill of Sale.
5. Copy of National Tonnage Certificate (NTC) or other evidence of Gross and Net Tonnage, i.e. Builders Certificate, Certificate of Registry from Previous Registry, Confirmation from a Naval Architect.
6. Copy of Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance, (if available).
7. Copy of Non-Registration Letter or deletion certificate from previous registry, (if applicable).

How do I get an MMSI radio license for my yacht?
We can arrange for a MMSI radio license for your boat without taking any radio course. The temporary urgent radio MMSI license is US $100 and the permanent 4 year license is $200,-.

The MMSI license can be renewed after 4 years for a fee of $125,- USD.

All International Payment Methods Accepted